Milton Zatarain's Crawfish Boil

June Zatarain Bertucci, Milton Zatarain’s daughter

This is a classic Louisiana crawfish boil recipe from the Zatarain family repertoire.
Cook/Prep Time: 45 MinutesServings: 12 to 15


6 gallons of water
2 dozen lemons, cut in half
4 large onions, quartered
3/4 cup celery seed
1 cup allspice
2 1/2 pounds salt, not iodized
1 1/2 cups cayenne pepper
3/4 cup liquid crab boil
2 cups whole bay leaves1
2 bags Zatarain crab boil
40 pounds live Louisiana crawfish
1 gallon ice water


Bring all the ingredients except the crawfish to a boil, and let them boil 5 minutes; then add crawfish. Return to a boil, boil for 5 minutes.
Turn off the fire and add the gallon of ice water; this makes the crawfish sink under water. Let soak 30 minutes and then drain.

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