Chargrilled Oysters

Chargrilled oysters sizzling in a garlic butter sauce over the open flames of your grill. Put the burgers away and kick your barbecue up a notch.


Oysters, freshly shucked (on the half shell) - 24Salted butter - 1 lb.Green onions, chopped fine - 2 bunchesFresh garlic, puree - 20 toesCrushed red pepper - 1 tsp.Fresh thyme, chopped fine - 3 tbsp.fresh oregano, chopped fine 3 tbsp.Fresh lemon juice - 2 tbsp.Worchestershire sauce - 1 tbsp.Creole seasoning - 2 tbsp.White wine - 2 oz.Romano cheese, grated - 8 oz.French bread - 1 loaf


Sauce:Butter garlic sauce should be prepared just prior to grilling the oysters.In a large saute pan add 2 sticks (or ½ lb.) of butterand place over a medium heat.Add green onions, garlic, red pepper, thyme, oregano, lemon juice, worchestershire sauce and creole seasoning.cook for 2 minutes and add white wine.Stir ingredients continuously and cook until green onions are soft.Remove from heat and allow to cool for 3 minutes.  In a large mixing bowl (before the mixture is completely cool) add remainng butter (or ½ lb.) and sauce. blend until butter is folded into the sauce.   Final product should be a creamy consistency. Grilling Oysters:Pre-heat grill to 350.  Once at 350, place freshly oyster on the half shell on the center of the grill.  once the water around the oyster begins to bubble and the oyster begins to rise, ladle ½ an ounce of the butter garlic sauce on top of each oyster. Note: make sure that the sauce is well blended. this insures the proper blend of butter and seasoning.Top with a ¼ ounce of grated romano cheese.Allow cheese to melt.Oysters should brown slightly around the edges.Remove oysters and place on a heat-resistent plate or platter.While still hot add ½ ounce of butter sauce to the top of each oyster.Serve immediately with warm french bread for dipping.Serves four / makes 24 oysters 

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