Black and White Sesame–Crusted Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna

Servings: 4 - 250 Calories per Serving


4 - Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna, cut into 3-oz. portions
¼ cup Black sesame seeds
¼ cup White sesame seeds
1¼ Tbsp Sesame oil
¾ tsp Wasabi, prepared
1 cup Ponzu sauce
¾ tsp Green onion, chopped


Mix sesame seeds together and crust Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna on all sides.
Add sesame oil to preheated nonstick sauté pan, add tuna and cook 1-3 minutes on each side, to medium rare.
Remove from heat, slice and fan out on serving plates.
On each plate, add 2 oz. ramekin of ponzu, and next to ponzu,1/2 tsp. mound of wasabi. Garnish each plate with sprinkle of chopped green onion. 

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