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Red Snapper, Crawfish Sofrito


Louisiana Red Snapper:

Red Snapper Filet (6oz)4 ea

Canola Oil  2 Tbsp

Kosher Salt  ¼ tsp

Course Black Pepper ¼ tsp


Crawfish Sofito:

Crawfish Tails, clean 5oz

Yellow Peppers, diced 2 ea

Poblano Pepper, diced 1 ea

White Onion, diced  1 small Roma Tomato, diced3 ea

Garlic Clove, chopped 2 ea

Kosher Salt  1 tsp

Canola Oil  ¼ cup


Butter Sauce:

Canola Oil  1 Tbsp

Yellow Onion, diced 1 oz

Carrots, sliced  2 oz

Garlic Clove, whole  2 ea

Thyme   1 sprig

Bay Leaf   2 ea

Black Pepper  ¼ tsp

White Wine  ¼ cup

Lemon Juice  1 Tbsp

Red Wine Vinegar  1 tsp

Heavy Cream  ¼ cup

Butter, cubed  12 oz

Kosher Salt  1 tsp


Turnip Puree:

Turnips   3 ea

Marscapone Cheese 3 oz

Kosher Salt  pinch


Louisisna Red Snapper:

In a sauté pan add OIL and heat over medium heat.  Dust both sides of SNAPPER evenly with SEASONING.  Sear SNAPPER skin side down for 4 minutes.  Turn and sear flesh side down for five minutes.



Crawfish Sofrito:

Add CANOLA OIL to sauce pan.  Heat on medium heat.  Add all DICED VEGETABLES and CHOPPED GARLIC.  Braise for 10 minutes, stirring frequently until gold brown.  Finish with SALT.  Remove pan from heat.  Add CRAWFISH TAILS.  Stir mixture evenly.


Butter Sauce:

Add CANOLA OIL to sauce pot.  Heat over medium heat.  Add ONION, CARROTS, GARLIC, THYME, BAY LEAF, and BLACK PEPPER.  Cook for three minutes, stirring frequently.  Add WHITE WINE, LEMON JUICE, RED WINE VINEGAR, and HEAVY CREAM.  Continue to cook until liquid is reduced by half.  Lower heat.  Slowly incorporate SOFT BUTTER, whisking evenly until all BUTTER is added.  Pour sauce through a fine sieve into a bowl or sauce pot.  Keep warm.

Turnip Puree:

Dice TURNIPS to ¼” cubes.  Place TURNIPS in a steamer and cook for 12 minutes or until soft in the center.  Place hot TURNIPS into mixing bowl.  Add MARSCAPONE and SALT.  Whisk all ingredients until a smooth, mash texture.

Chef Robert Vasquez
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