Chef Justin Componation
2020 Monroe Parish Restaurant and Bar

Justin Componation started cooking right after high school at a small bistro in Huntsville AL.  After several years of learning the ropes he decided to move to the coast to attend culinary school at the Gulf Coast Culinary Institute.  Upon graduating he was able to get a job at Restaurant True working for Chef Wesley True in Mobile, AL.  This is where he started to develop a love and appreciation for Gulf seafood and discovered the satisfaction of working with and supporting local purveyors and farmers.  After a couple of years at True, he moved to New Orleans where he helped open the cities first Filipino restaurant, Milkfish. Then, following his love of seafood, he found himself working at one of the largest fish houses Atlanta, GA has to offer, The Optimist.  Justin Always kept in touch with his friend and mentor Wesley True and that is how he came to know Chef Cory Bahr.  Chef Bahr recently opened his restaurant Parish in Monroe, LA which is all about using local ingredients and treating them with the utmost care and respect.  When Justin heard that Chef Bahr was looking for a Chef de Cuisine, Justin jumped at the opportunity to work with the best ingredients that the southern Untied States has to offer.