Chef Wayne Cooper
2019 The Panini Bistro

Born on the gulf coast of MS, raised in south Louisiana. Surrounded by culinary bad asses all my life. The oldest of four brothers, I helped Momma in the kitchen. That’s were my desire started. I only cook to see that smile on someone’s face when they take that first bite. I was voted best chef in Tangipahoa Parish in 2015 and cooked in the World Food Championship the last 5 years, placing 5th in the Bacon Category in 2018. I can grow it, catch it, hunt it, dress and clean it, then cook it. From gumbo for 3250 people or crab cakes for 5 judges I will tickle your taste buds! I have 5 adopted kids, now all teenagers, they judge my food harder than any contest judge out there. At 48 years old, after God, Family and Country, cooking is my passion.