Chef Quintin Scrantz
2019 Cecilia, Prejeans Restaurant

Chef Quintin Scrantz was born in the small town of Cecilia, LA. Quintin grew up in his grandmother, Elaine Guidry’s, kitchen. They would enjoy drinking coffee milk, stirring gumbo pots, and tasting gravies; he was destined for kitchens whether he knew it or not. Quintin started cooking in a professional kitchen at the young age of fifteen and has since learned many different styles of cuisines. He has worked as both Sous and Executive Chef of several of Lafayette’s premiere restaurants and has recently signed on as Prejean’s Executive Chef. In his current position at Prejean’s, Quintin has set goals to take the restaurant to yet another level of dining excellence. He plans on doing this all while still preserving the decades-old traditional Cajun cuisine that they have built a legacy with. Quintin takes much pride not only in the quality of his food but the visual aesthetics and presentation to his guests.