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Chef Cory Bahr


Chef Cory Bahr's philosophy: "I find the best damn ingredients I can and get out of the way." This simple approach to food is something he learned from two of the best Delta cooks he knows — his grandparents. Growing up, Cory inherited a passion for the outdoors and good food. Weekends were spent at the family hunting and fishing camp, running trout lines, hunting whatever was in season, and gathering firewood for the camp cook. Cory describes his formative years: "I went to the School of Grandmother's Kitchen.' I grew up hunting, fishing, raising vegetables in my own gardens. We were always cooking, canning, preserving, you name it."

Cory started working in restaurants, experiencing first-class training in New Orleans and throughout the South, finding his way into the kitchen. In 2007, he returned to Monroe, Louisiana to take an executive chef position at Restaurant Sage. In 2011, Cory Bahr was named King of Louisiana Seafood, and went to become a national spokesperson for Louisiana Seafood and regular host of the Great American Seafood Cook-Off. Cory built a national reputation for inventive takes on classic Southern dishes, starting first in his hometown of Monroe, where his warm and welcoming Restaurant Cotton, and his rustic Italian restaurant, Nonna, served as cornerstones in Monroe's recent economic revival.

In 2016, Cory Bahr expanded his culinary operations to include Heritage Catering, his private chef and catering business. This new venture allows him to handle special events and corporate dining outside of Monroe. "I am really proud of what we have been able to establish here, but I'm excited to take my Delta Cuisine on the road."

Restaurant or Business: 
Heritage Catering