Daniel Schumacher
2015 Louisiana Cookin' magazine

Daniel Schumacher, an enthusiastic eater and seasoned home cook, is constantly on the lookout for unique stories, delicious recipes and food trucks. He began his career as a food writer and editor in New York City working with nationally renowned teams at Food Arts and Gourmet magazines before moving south to join the food department at Cottage Living in Birmingham, Alabama.
For more than three years, he has lived in New Orleans serving as the editor of Louisiana Cookin’—the only national publication devoted to true connoisseurs of Louisiana’s unique culture, cuisine and travel destinations. Its mission is to provide its readers with the insider’s guide to the best Louisiana foods, restaurants, culinary stops and travel destinations. Each issue is full of specialty Cajun and Creole products, menu ideas, how-tos and tips from amateur cooks and professional chefs alike. Louisiana Cookin’ offers readers a glimpse into the ways of life of the unique individuals that give Louisiana a culture unto itself—and second to none when the subject is food.