Chef Nicholas Huckabee
A Difference in Dining

Chef Nicholas Huckabee is from Myrtle beach South Carolina. He is a true local of the area who has prepared many wonderful and exciting dishes from the truly amazing sea fare we have locally. 
Today he is the executive chef of a private chef service as well as a banquet hall.
He is very excited to showcase a restaurant to be more than a place to eat, but also to have patrons feel as though they are at personal gathering of family and friends. He truly enjoys creating dishes that go further beyond a fixed menu.
Some of his most valued accomplishments include winning local seafood competitions that include American Culinary Federation sanctioned events as well as local community events.
He has also gained enough respect in his community from his peers to be asked to judge and advise our aspiring young culinarians.
In the future he aspires to be a leader in the culinary field to prolong a strong and exciting experience for the locals as well as tourists that visit South Carolina.