Chef Mandisa Horn
2022 Horn O Plenty, Farm Freshtaurant

Mandisa Horn was born and raised in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Her career began in 2003, when she and her husband began farming on his fourth-generation family farm. Then in 2012 she opened Horn O Plenty Farm-to-table Freshtaurant, located just a few miles from the farm in a 1730’s log cabin.
Mandisa has a cooking style that draws from both regional and international cuisine; she uses local, fresh ingredients, both farm raised and foraged from the forests of Western Pennsylvania. (Horn O Plenty is known for its mushroom soup made with locally collected mushrooms). Another unique feature is the brick wood-fired oven which she and her mother built, and which is used for pizza and bread, as well as main course dinners.
As a community leader, Mandi works to promote local food systems and sustainable agricultural practices, to support women in business, and, above all, to advocate for sharing food as a way of nurturing community.