Louis LaRose
2018 Lou's Full Serv

Louis began working in Jackson area restaurants in the early 1990’s 
After learning the basics of the trade at POET’S, Sam’s Westside, and Mik & Mot’s, Louis took a line cook job at BRAVO!
After a couple of years honing his skills and learning to work all the stations he decided that culinary school was a real option.  Louis attended Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, FL.  During and after schooling, Louis worked in many restaurants in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area including Mark’s Las Olas. 
Louis kept in touch with Dan & Jeff while away. He decided to move back to Jackson and found himself back at BRAVO!, this time as sous chef.  After a few months of work he was promoted to Chef and continued to work alongside BRAVO! owners Chef Dan Blumenthal and Jeff Good for another 12 years.
Louis then took a job as Chef for Derek Emerson’s new restaurant Local 463 Urban Kitchen in 2010.  He worked alongside Derek and Jennifer Emerson as they prepared for the restaurant’s opening and helped to develop the menu for the kitchen.
In 2011 Louis took a brief hiatus from the kitchen and worked as a sales associate for SYSCO Jackson food service while he and wife Victoria were expecting the arrival of their son Brooks. 
After about a year away from the kitchen, Louis took a job as executive chef for the Mississippi Museum of Art.  While working there, Louis’ own ambitions rekindled and he began to think about opening his own place.  Louis moved all the pieces over the next two years in preparation and was able to secure a location and a name for his restaurant.  With the approval of an SBA loan from Trustmark, Lou’s Full-Serv was able to come to life.
Louis & Victoria opened Lou’s Full-Serv in the Historical Belhaven District in September of 2014.  Lou’s is a Southern “+” (plus) restaurant hosting a warehouse industrial décor that offers casual fine dining.  Lou’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and hopes to continue to ‘Serv’ the Metro area for years to come.