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Chef Brian Landry

Chef Brian Landry




Brian Landry, a New Orleans native, is a passionate chef, supporter of regional foodways, and dedicated conservationist of Gulf seafood. As the executive chef at Borgne, Landry pays homage to Louisiana’s coastal, indigenous cuisine while using the freshest local ingredients.

Being on the water surrounding New Orleans has always been part of Brian’s life. With uncles and cousins who were avid outdoorsmen, the Landrys would take regular family fishing trips. His earliest memories of food in New Orleans recall those large family gatherings, featuring oversized pots of gumbo and jambalaya.

At Borgne, Landry is seizing the opportunity to get the word out that the Gulf has the best seafood in the world. When Chef John Besh approached him about creating a restaurant, Landry jumped at the chance – not just to showcase seafood, but also to help an area of town that was the last to be revitalized after Hurricane Katrina. Besh knew that Landry shared his same love for the bays, bayous, and marshes of the
Louisiana marsh surrounding Lake Borgne.

Previously, Landry worked as the head chef for the Louisiana Seafood Board, where he acted as the spokesperson. Prior to that he worked for five years as the executive chef at the New Orleans institution, Galatoire’s, where he was frequently recognized for his creative talent and cuisine, and represented the restaurant on the Today Show and ESPN. Landry has trained with chefs including Rene Bajeux of Rene’s Bistro, Kevin Vizard of Vizard’s and Gerard Maras of Ralph’s on the Park.

He is a community leader, working closely with the John Besh Foundation as a mentor for Chefs Move! scholarship recipients and for at-risk youth seeking a profession in the hospitality industry. Brian also helps recommend candidates that could benefit from culinary scholarships in the New Orleans community.

Brian attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University. He lives in New Orleans with his wife and three children.

∙ Louisiana Cookin’ magazine: Chefs to Watch award winner, 2009.
∙ New Orleans CityBusiness : Culinary Connoisseurs “Best Executive Chef” 2008 and 2009