Chef Zizhao Luo
2014 Radiance

Chef Luo has over 30 years of professional experience in culinary arts, and has served as executive chef in prestigious restaurants and luxury hotels in Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai in China. Luo was known as one of Beijing’s top four chefs and has been the recipient of many awards and titles including the Celebrity Chef of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, China Master Chef, and the winner of the Asia-Pacific International Kitchen Emperor Chef. Luo came to the United States in 2011 and is the Executive Chef at Radiance in New York City.
Discipline and Dedication in Early Life
Chef Zizhao Luo was born in 1968 in Shun De City, Guangdong Province, China. Beginning at age 7 to 15, Luo’s favorite activity was to study and practice martial arts. Influenced by his father, Luo took an interest in cooking from a young age as he was fascinated by the limitless possibilities of how the flavors of food can be changed and developed. At age 15 he entered culinary arts school in Guangdong to pursue a culinary career. As a student, he worked as trainee cook in several hotels. With great determination and impassioned diligence, Luo routinely arrived at work by 2am to prepare breakfast service, worked straight through lunch and dinner, and ended his day at 11pm. In less than 2 years he climbed to the top 3 of his graduating class and was hired as chef in Shenzhen City. He studied and trained under the best master chefs of China who were inspirational to Luo in creativity and Cantonese cooking style.
Executive Chef and Awards
At age 21, Luo was hired as lead chef by a large seafood restaurant in Beijing. By age 23, Luo became the executive chef of a grand scale restaurant with over 400 seats in Beijing. Since then, he has been the executive chef in a number of prestigious restaurants and luxury hotels in Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai in China. Prior to coming to the United States in 2011, Luo was executive chef at Howard Johnson Palm Beach Resort in Shanghai for about 7 years.
He had earned a variety of awards and titles including the Celebrity Chef of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, China Master Chef, the winner of the Asia-Pacific International Kitchen Emperor Chef, and won over ten Best Executive Chef awards in China throughout the years. Chef Luo also edited a cookbook entitled, Elite Chinese Food Large Print Cookbook.
Freedom to Practice Traditional Culture
After having personally experienced being persecuted for practicing the traditional Chinese spiritual discipline called Falun Dafa, Luo left China to come to the United States in 2011. In September of the same year, Luo won the Gold Award of the Cantonese Cuisine in the NTD International Chinese Culinary Competition in Times Square, New York City. The Epoch Times described Luo as, "a gifted chef not only because of his elegant and delicious creations, but his ability to transform food into a world of luxury and elegance. He captivates food aficionados with his creativity while caring for the health and well-being of his diners and guests."
Luo currently works as executive chef at Radiance in NYC, which was recently featured in Cici’s Food Paradise show.
Cooking Philosophy
Chef Luo’s approach to cooking incorporates a philosophy borne of ancient traditional Chinese culinary culture and techniques. To illustrate, Luo believes authentic Cantonese cuisine is light and healthy as the cooking techniques maintain the original nutrients, aroma, and flavors of the ingredients and seasonings. Luo selects dish components based upon an understanding of how food nourishes the human body and enhances health and wellness. Luo’s specialty is seafood. He is passionate about introducing the true authentic Chinese culinary arts and presenting classy Cantonese cuisine to western audience.
Chef Luo resides on Staten Island, New York with his wife and son.
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