Chef Chad Phares
Chef Chad Phares
2023 Grande Isle Hurricane Hole





Chad Phares’ culinary journey started at the young age of 9 years old, where he learned to work on the line in his family’s restaurant, Dupuy’s.  Dupuy’s was a Louisiana Seafood restaurant, specializing in oysters.  Louisiana Seafood has always been a family affair in the Phares family.  Most of the seafood plated at Dupuy’s came from family fisherman, and the oysters came from the family oyster reefs.

As a teenager Chef Phares shucked oysters for guests of the Tabasco company and catered for Tabasco for over 10 years.  While catering for Tabasco, Chad was inspired by chefs from across the country.

After graduating in Dietetics, Chad’s family opened Shucks in Abbeville, LA.  He later went on to be the Executive Chef of Mulate’s in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

In 1998 Chef Phares bought Meal Time in Lafayette, specializing in Cajun meats.  In 2005 he opened Phares’, also in Lafayette, LA.  Chef Phares and his wife Maria ran Phares’ for 13 years, before heading to Grand Isle to open the Hurricane Hole Restaurant & Bar.