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Board of Directors Louisiana Seafood
Louisiana Seafood

Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board August Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday - August 13, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 1 p.m.
For any questions, please contact Tiffany Hess at

Introduction of Staff and Guests:

Karen Profita, Executive Director
Lisa Manda, Assistant Director

Cathy Berry, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Jacques Berry, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Julie Samson, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Scott Couvillion, Trumpet
Jordan Russo, Trumpet
Emily Sampson, Trumpet
John Fallon, Audubon Nature Institute
Julie Anderson, Sea Grant
Julie Falgout, Sea Grant
Furken Gur, LSU


I. Call to order and introduction of guests. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Alan Gibson.

II. Approval of minutes from February, April and June. Motion made by Larry Avery and seconded by Mayor Collette to approve the minutes from the February, April and June Board meetings. Motion carried.

III. Financial Report. Randy Davis presented the financial report detailing total funding and expenditures as of 8/5/2014. He recapped for the Board the expenditures to date and the remaining LSPMB BP Fund balance. Also, he provided a summary of the Deepwater Horizon Grant and an update of all activities regarding BP funds. He reminded the Board that DCRT has two separate accounts for BP funds. The fund specific to the activities of DCRT is set up with the Community Foundation of Acadiana in Lafayette. The LSPMB BP account is set up in the Wildlife & Fisheries Foundation. It is important to note that the two funds are separate and distinct, no funds are comingled, and they are accounted for separately by each respective foundation.

Motion made by Byron Despaux and seconded by Daniel Edgar to accept financial report as presented. Motion carried.

IV. Executive Director’s Report

A. GASCO results. Karen Profita presented the report on the throwdown and cook off this past weekend. The Gulf chefs judged the throwdown. The winner was from St. Louis, Missouri, and the prize of Louisiana seafood will be shipped to St. Louis to his restaurant. Antoine’s event the night before – The Gulf States each did a sampling to promote Gulf Seafood. The cook off was on Saturday – Florida, TX and LA placed. There was social media for the event which included 5,000,000 impressions, 7 TV interviews and 2 radio interviews, also live exposure by 107.3 FM Radio station on Friday night and Saturday at the cook off. Cathy Berry is in the process of collecting comments for next year’s planning and she added; the feedback so far has been great.
B. Congressional Staff Tour. Ms. Profita gave the following update on the visit by congressional staffers: they visited an oyster fisherman, a crab processing plant and a shrimp processing plant as well as the Sea Grant labs in Grand Isle, LA. She informed the Board that the staffers were headed to the coast to visit the industry in Mississippi and Alabama. Chairman Alan Gibson commented on their visit to Tideland Seafood. He said the visit was great and he suggested we do more of this type of event, to educate the staffers in the future.
C. Administrative Assistant interviews. Ms. Profita informed the Board of an applicant for the open Administrative Assistant 5 (AA5) position and that we are presently waiting for approval to complete the transaction. Mr. Davis explained to the Board that the previous AA5, Krystal Cox, accepted apposition with another Division within CRT and he complimented her assistance with the transition.
D. Upcoming events: CIA, Panama, additional updates.

CIA – Flavor Summit
Ms. Profita informed the Board of the opportunity at the CIA Summit to open doors for sales of Louisiana seafood. She stated that his is a good start for a relationship with key people and decision makers in the grocery and restaurant industry.

Panama Trade Mission
Ms. Profita stated she is presently asking the King of Louisiana Seafood, Chef Aaron Burgau, to participate in a trade mission to Panama, to promote Louisiana seafood. The trade mission is October 12-17, 2014 and there will be an opportunity to meet buyers and hotel chains. She also informed the Board, Panama is very interested in shell fish. The Committee of 100 is driving this mission. There are great ties to our state, with many including the Ambassador, having attended LSU.

Food Network Magazine
Ms. Profita informed the Board of an upcoming event at the Botanic Garden in Chicago and a Louisiana chef will be joining us, to cook Louisiana seafood for sampling. This will be a great opportunity to invite the right individuals, we want to influence.

Fete Rouge – Epicurean Society
Ms. Profita informed the Board of the Fete Rouge event coming up of which we are a sponsor. Thursday Aug. 21st is a dinner honoring Jay Campbell, President of Associated Grocers. Friday, Aug. 22nd, there is a food and wine sampling with 40 restaurants participating.

Peter Sclafani informed the Board that he participated in a CIA event. His suggestion was – people loved the seafood but were not clear how to purchase it. He stated we need to work on this for the upcoming event. Ms. Profita stated this will be included in the Marketing Plan and we will need help from everyone to have an accurate list.

Mr. Sclafani informed the Board that Inland Seafood, a Wholesaler, is having an event on Sept. 14th or 15th. He suggested the Seafood Board participate and have a presence at their meeting.

Cathy Berry informed the Board of this year’s upcoming Tourism Summit and explained this will be a showcase for next year’s tourism campaign, which will focus on food. It will feature an abundance and variety of seafood. She stated, all the travel industry professionals will take this information back to their areas and use it in their promotions.

Cathy Berry also informed the Board of an upcoming press and community event to celebrate Poverty Point, being designated as a world class site. The press conference will include local and national media and VIP’s and they would like to involve Louisiana seafood.

Motion made by Peter Sclafani and seconded by Daniel Edgar to accept the Executive Director’s report. Motion carried.

V. Old Business

A. By-Laws. Mr. Davis started the discussion of the current by-laws and stated they were adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) in 1985. He reminded the Board that in May of 2013, the Board voted to adopt new bylaws but they were never promulgated through the APA process. Subsequent to this, Julia George Moore, DCRT Legal Counsel, reviewed both sets of bylaws, drafted a new version to combine their provisions, and updated them to be consistent with current laws and regulations governing state boards. The proposed new version of the bylaws was sent out for the Board’s review and consideration at a prior meeting but was not acted upon due to lack of a quorum. He went over the information, and pointed out the disqualification section and the wording, to make clear for the Board’s consideration. He commented that Julia George Moore looked into other board by laws to ensure consistency.

Motion made by Byron Despaux and seconded by Mayor Collette to adopt the by-laws as presented and authorize staff to proceed with their promulgation through the APA. Motion carried.

B. Marketing Committee Report. Scott Couvillion presented the new marketing plan for approval.
The message is ecology abundance celebration and will primarily focus on 3 groups – restaurants, retailers and consumers. The presentation included messaging and web properties, budget breakdown, task orders, creative and media. He presented the idea of truck wraps – trucks moving through the right businesses to promote Louisiana seafood. The retail program will offer marketing support in return for purchasing Louisiana seafood.
Scott explained the amount of purchase by the store determines the level and type of support. Discussion included questions by Chalin Delaune and Sarah Voisin as the length of support and product availability. Mr. Couvillion informed the Board that no campaign will be put in place until the sale is made and there is a confirmation of product.

Motion made by Daniel Edgar and seconded by Sarah Voisin to accept the marketing report. Motion carried.

VI. New Business. No new business was presented.

VII. Public Comment. There was no public comment.

VIII. Adjourn. Motion made by Peter Sclafani and seconded by Larry Avery to adjourn.
Motion carried.

Next Regular Board Meeting October 8, 2014