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Louisiana Seafood News
Louisiana Seafood News

See food? Seafood?


By Chris Miller

We're getting into the thick of Lent, and seafood is in high demand. Fortunately, most species are in plentiful supply right now.

Aside from the good new coming out of crawfish country, Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board vice-chairman Chalin Delaune says shrimpers are doing real well, and oysters are surging. 

"We've got a ton of oysters coming on to the market right now" with the opening of more  oyster beds on the east side of the Mississippi river, said Delaune.

But the best bet, he said, are shrimp: "Best price per pound right now is more than likely going to be shrimp, head-on shrimp."

Delaune expects crawfish prices will decline another 50 cents per pound as more mudbugs start making their way into the traps.

Delaune said crabs are bout the only thing tough to get a hold of -- its still kind of early in the year, and what is being caught is being shipped up to Maryland.

"They're getting shipped up to the east coast, man, Maryland is paying top-dollar for them," Delaune said.

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