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Funding Request Guidelines

Guidelines for Completing and Submitting the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board Funding Request Form

1 Entity Applying

Enter the legal name of the entity and the individual contact requesting the funding along with mailing address (including city, state, and country), email address, and phone number.

Funding Category

Select the category that best fits your event goals and activities:

  • If you selected Event Monetary Sponsorship, continue to complete the remainder of the form, omitting Section 7.
  • If you selected Event Seafood Donation, continue to complete the remainder of the form.

Funding Amount Requested

Indicate the funding amount requested along with the total project budget.

Event Information

List the title of the event. Provide an address for the location where the event will take place along with the districts for the corresponding state representative, state senator, and U. S. Congressperson. If the event is taking place at multiple locations, provide address and district information for each location. Indicate whether your event is registered with the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals (LAFF).

Event Contact

List the name of the person(s) managing the event, along with their title, phone number, and an email where they can be reached during the daytime.

Seafood Requests

Provide the seafood request you have for this event. LSPMB is able to supply the following species:

  • Shrimp
  • Oysters
  • Catfish
  • Alligator
  • Crawfish
  • Crab
  • Commercial Saltwater Finfish (tuna, red snapper, etc.).

Be sure to indicate desired quantity of the species you are requesting. If requesting shrimp, provide the desired size and disposition.

Note: The LSPMB is unable to provide anything other than the actual seafood product. Plates, napkins, seasoning, sausage for dishes, etc. cannot be provided.

8.1 Review and Submit

Before submitting, review the request form to ensure all applicable sections have been accurately completed.

IMPORTANT: All requests, other than seafood donations, are completed on a reimbursement basis. No funds will be paid until after the event has taken place, all proof of performance has been received by LSPMB and the submission of an invoice. Funded requests may have additional requirements set forth in an official funding agreement.


Guidelines for Completing and Submitting the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board Funding Request Form