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Louisiana Seafood

LSPMB Minutes of March 8, 2017

I. Call to order. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Tortorich. Mr. Mitchell called the roll and it was noted that a quorum was present.

II. Mr. Delaune then asked for the introduction of guests:
Stephanie Loman, French Quarter Festival, LLC
Theresa Overby, Miles Partnership
Maggie Bowles, Miles Partnership
Damon Morris, LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Doug Daigle, LA Hypoxia Working Group
Mike Ketchum, New Orleans Fish House
Julie Falgout, LA Sea Grant
John Fallon, Audubon Nature Institute
Jason Recher, Audubon Nature Institute
Scott Couvillon, Trumpet
Emily Sampson, Trumpet
Marianne Ortiz, The Ehrhardt Group

III. Adoption of Minutes. A motion was made to adopt the minutes from December 2016 by Mr. Sunseri and was seconded by Mr. Sclafani. After a brief discussion, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the minutes from December 2016. 

IV. Adoption of the Agenda: Mr. Sunseri made a motion to adopt the agenda which was seconded by Mr. Sclafani. Mr. Baumer made a point of order to amend the agenda to include the Board election, and to place that item next in the agenda. After a brief discussion, Mr. Sunseri made a motion to amend the agenda as stated by Mr. Baumer and Mrs. Sclafani seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

V. Officer Elections: Mr. Tortorich announced the nominations and votes were passed unanimously for the following positions; Mr. Troy Parria, Treasurer; Mr. Kristen Baumer, Vice-Chairman; Mr. Chalin Delaune, Chairman. At that time, the gavel was passed to Mr. Delaune.

VI. Committee Reports

a. Executive: Mr. Tortorich expressed his appreciation serving as the Chairman of the Board for 2016 and commented on the continued success of the Board under Mr. Delaune. Chairman Delaune thanked Mr. Tortorich and commented on his excellent leadership for 2016. Mr. Delaune then asked the Lt. Governor if he would like to make some remarks. The Lt. Governor thanked Mr. Tortorich for his service to the board. He then made several comments about past Board involvement, including the Pardoning of the Crawfish, and future endeavors of the Board and his involvement. He discussed his need for additional information from Audubon so they could adequately provide funding for their sustainability certification initiatives. He also informed the Board that he has asked for an extension to the time period allowed to spend the remainder of the BP funds. The Lt. Governor left the meeting at 1:21 pm.
b. Finance: Mr. Parria reviewed the financial report, noting that $5.9M remained in the BP account that did not include February or March expenditures. After some discussion, Mr. Edgar made a motion to approve the report which was seconded by Mr Collette. The motion passed unanimously.
c. Legislative: Mr. Delaune discussed the upcoming testimony for he and the Lt. Governor in Washington, DC concerning the 5 Year Sunset Review regarding anti-dumping laws on foreign countries importing seafood to the United States.
d. Marketing: Mr. Flynn had nothing to report.
e. Education : Mr. Baumer had nothing to report, but recommended that fishery updates should be provided by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on a regular basis to the Board.

VII. Executive Summary: 
a. Mrs. Profita began her executive summary by reviewing all of the past events the Seafood Board participated in since our last meeting in December. She then discussed her review of Dyne Aqua company and their plans to develop a state of the art aquaculture system in Louisiana and incorporate the Incubator. She reviewed her trip to Europe with Dyne Aqua to view operating aquaculture farms and the model they plan to follow in the United States. She then mentioned future events that the Board would be supporting, such as the Legislative Reception on May 8, and the National Restaurant Association Expo in Chicago. She then discussed the Seafood Cook Off moving to Lafayette and taking place in the Cajundome Convention Center. She then discussed the cooking competition in conjunction with Tabasco in the fall. She made note that Jordan Buras had been removed from the Seafood Board payroll, and that an ad has been placed for an administrative assistant. The members then discussed Chalin’s upcoming testimony on behalf of the Shrimper’s Association. 
b. Mr. Couvilion from Trumpet then reported that they are developing a new creative that will marry both tourism and Louisiana seafood together. He also discussed that they are currently designing the future campaign around the four pillars originally established by the Lt. Governor’s Office.
c. Mrs. Overby then reviewed the one sheet of measurables concerning Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are also reviewing snapchat opportunities. 
d. Ms. Ortiz then discussed coverage of several recent events held that highlighted Louisiana seafood, including the Alexandria dinner featuring Oysters during the reenactment of their Civil War involvement.
e. Mr. Jurisic made a motion to accept the report, Mr. Sclafani seconded. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

VIII. Old Business was addressed during the Executive Director’s Summary.
a. Mr. Fallon commented that they would work with Mrs. Profita and Mr. Mitchell to provide the additional information the Lt. Governor asked for in his opening remarks. He then gave an update on the completion of the Blue Crab fishery certification, the current Oyster assessment, and their work on the Crawfish Fishery Improvement Plan. He also commented that Walmart announced their acceptance of the GSSI standard for their sustainability purposes. Mr. Flynn commented on the importance of the certification for Gulf fisheries. Additional conversation took place concerning the assessment of the Oyster fishery and the seal being developed for a sustainable logo. Mr. Morris then clarified some information concerning oyster stock assessment and the certification process. Additional conversation ensued between the Board Members and Mr. Morris concerning certification.
b. Mr. Doug Daigle requested to resubmit his resolution on Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico that was previously submitted last year but was not voted on. Daniel Edgar made a motion to have the LSPMB sign and support the resolution, and Mr. Jurasic seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

IX. New Business

a. Ms. Lowman presented a proposal for the LSPMB to support the 2017 and 2018 French Quarter Festival for $50,000 each and for the 2017 Satchmo Summer Festival for $50,000. Mrs. Profita asked that Ms. Lowman send the Board their marketing buy information for review.
b. Mr. Flynn discussed the lion fish epidemic in the Gulf of Mexico and how other states have elaborate lion fish eradication programs. Mr. Flynn proposed that the Seafood Board develop, fund, and promote a program in Louisiana to conduct a study and possibly create a bounty program to assist with the eradication of lion fish on the Gulf oil rigs. After some discussion about the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries involvement, no formal motion was established. The Board agreed that further discussion is necessary to discover the proper avenues of approach to address the issue. Mr. Sclafani made a comment that it is our duty to put out better information concerning the issues surrounding Louisiana Seafood and that we should be better utilizing our media outlets. Additional conversation ensued concerning several of the fisheries and the Board’s role on educating the public and promoting all aspects of Louisiana fisheries.

X. Public Comment
a. No public comment.

XI. Mr. Delaune stated that the next meeting would be April 12, 2017. 

XII. Mr. Flynn made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Parria seconded the motion. Mr. Delaune adjourned the meeting at 4:31 PM.