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Board of Directors Louisiana Seafood
Louisiana Seafood

LSPMB August 2015 Minutes

Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board
Regular Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2015
1:00 p.m.
Capitol Park Welcome Center
702 N. River Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Members present:
Sal Sunseri, Chairman
Larry Avery
Mayor Sherbin Collette
Chalin Delaune
Daniel Edgar
Jakov Jurisic
Chef Peter Sclafani
Pete Tortorich

Introduction of Guests:

Jacques Berry, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Caroline Downer, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Julie Samson, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Scott Couvillon, Trumpet 
Jordan Russo, Trumpet 
Emily Sampson, Trumpet
Michael Ketchum, New Orleans Fish House
Julie Falgout, Sea Grant
Theresa Overby, Miles Media
Vito Zuppardo, Miles Media
Caitlin Switzer, The Ehrhardt Group
Marc Ehrhardt, The Ehrhardt Group
John Fallon, Audubon Institute
Katie Guasco, Hoffman Media
Barrett Miller, Hoffman Media
Caroline Rosen, John Besh Foundation
Don Benoit, Jr., D & T Crawfish
Captain George Ricks, Save Louisiana Coalition
John Fallon, Audubon Institute 
John Jackson, Out da Bayou
John E. Jackson, Launch Media
Cheryl Granger, Shrimper and Granger Seafood
Julie Lively, Louisiana SeaGrant 
Kelly Haggar, Riparion, Inc.
Kathy Haggar, Dynamic Measurement, LLC
Andre Lyons, Videographer 

I. Call to order. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Sunseri. 

II. Roll call and introduction of guests. Ms. Hess began roll call. It was noted that a quorum was present. Mr. Sunseri introduced guest Don Benoit, Jr. Mr. Benoit has been recommended to join the board to fill the Alligator seat. He has been submitted to the Lt. Governor for consideration. Guests introduced themselves.

III. Adoption of the agenda. Mr. Sunseri noted two new items to be added to the agenda, under New Business. Caroline Rosen with the John Besh Foundation Presentation and Captain George Ricks of Save Louisiana Coalition Presentation. A motion was made by Mr. Delaune to amend the agenda with the new items under New Business. The motion was seconded by Mr. Sclafani. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

IV. Adoption of minutes from April and June Board Meetings. A motion was made by Mr. Avery to adopt the April and June minutes, and the motion was seconded by Mr. Tortorich. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

V. Reports 
A. Financial Report. Mr. Delaune gave the following report: 

In reviewing the state financials, we came in under budget for FY15, and there is a little over $131,000 remaining. We collected $10,000 more in statutory dedicated funds than previously anticipated. Also, in the spring 2016, we will need to request funding from the task forces for LSPMB staff salaries. 

In reviewing the BP Funds Marketing Plan FY15 Budget, there’s a deficit in Retail/Wholesale Marketing and Miscellaneous categories. He also noted that there is $474,000 remaining in the marketing budget that we did not spend. We have a little over $8.3M remaining in BP funds.

The total budget for marketing with Miles Media, Ehrhardt and Trumpet will be around $1.5M for FY16. $3M total marketing budget. Going forward, we will distinguish the difference between service, goods/advertising, and define what we’re spending. Mr. Delaune also noted that he will review all work orders going forward.

The motion to adopt the financial report was made by Mr. Edgar and seconded by Mr. Collette. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

B. Committee Reports 
i. Executive – Mr. Sunseri stated that he wanted to recognize all board members for their commitment to LSPMB, and noted that even though this board is an advisory board, our opinions matter and are noted in the minutes. He stated that ideas are welcome, and he encouraged every member to be a part of a solution to help address issues. Mr. Sunseri noted that the Lt. Governor relies on the board to advise him on seafood issues and concerns. He then stated there was an article on that reported on oyster landings, and portrayed oyster beds as “perfect” post BP oil spill. He stated this is one reporter’s take on the story, and we are not supporting or embracing their story. This is incorrect information, and we should not attach LSPMB’s name to the story. Mr. Jurisic also noted that the count/measure for oyster landings from WLF is not correct. 
ii. Finance – Mr. Delaune gave the financial report, as noted above.
iii. Legislative – Mr. Tortorich stated there is nothing new to report.
iv. Education – In Mr. Parria’s absence, Mr. Sunseri gave the following update: he and Mr. Parria have been invited to present at the Southern University Law Society on oysters and coastal restoration. Current Miss Louisiana, Candice Bennatt, wants to be a part of this presentation, noting that she is a law student, as well.
v. Marketing – Mr. Tenney was not in attendance and the committee has not met, so there is nothing new to report.

C. Executive Director’s Report 
i. Review of Events. Mrs. Profita gave an update on the following events:
1. Louisiana Kitchen and Culture Magazine – Great exposure in the latest edition, which was handed out to board members. She thanked those board members who attended the seafood boil and photo shoot. She noted the contest we’re running with the magazine, where readers have to go to the website to answer questions about Louisiana seafood to win; there’s an article on the 2015 King of Louisiana Seafood, Chef Michael Brewer; and GASCO 2014 Gulf Throw Down winner in St. Louis, MO, story on how he shared Gulf seafood with guests at his restaurant.
2. Miss USA – Mrs. Profita handed out the program, and noted the seafood ad flagged. She reported that the pageant reached 1M viewers, which was broadcast on the Reelz channel. We held two events: welcome reception at Old State Capitol done with the assistance of Ruffino’s, and the seafood party at Houmas House. The events came in under budget. There were also two shoots, one on a shrimp boat and the other with Mayor Collette on the Atchafalaya. It was noted that the Atchafalaya look was a back drop for much of the pageant. The Miss Universe organization appreciated the city and state’s support of this year’s event. Next year’s location has not yet been decided. She thanked Mayor Collette for his assistance with the Atchafalaya shoot and all the board members who participated and supported the other events. 
3. CHART – Mrs. Profita and Ms. Manda attended this event for Hotel and Restaurant Trainers in New Orleans in July, and reminded the board that we sponsored this event for $3,000 plus $500 in product which was prepared and served by Café Reconcile at the reception. The trainers indicated they saw value in our offering training on seafood front of house and back. There will be a follow up email to those in attendance to keep the conversation going.
4. Louisiana Association of Occupational Health Nurses conference was held in Baton Rouge at Crowne Plaza on July 30 – August 1. We sponsored a booth for $250. Pennington partnered with us, and we cooked seafood at their reception held at the City Club. This was a very successful event, and Ms. Manda will present on the response and opportunities in her Grass Roots report. 
5. GASCO – Mrs. Profita reported that we received a great response and there was a good crowd at the event. We offered live streaming for the first time and a reported 744 viewers watched live, there were an additional 69 viewers the day after; close to 1,000 viewers total. The live stream video will also be used for several short videos on the importance of domestic seafood and trends that all participating states may use in their marketing efforts. The winning dish will be promoted as America’s Best Seafood Dish in an effort to continue to spotlight domestic seafood. Hometown Productions hit 60 of 189 target markets, 72 stories in 19 markets, 176 engagements on social media. Trumpet did a great job producing the GASCO program which was handed out to the board. 
6. Deepwater Horizon Grant – There are specific instructions on how we may use the 3rd installment of the grant in the amount of $37,720. It must be spent on media and creative/production. A proposal must be submitted for approval by August 15. Ms. Russo, of Trumpet, was then invited to share the proposal. 
7. Ms. Russo indicated that several media opportunities were considered for the proposal including buys with Garden & Gun, Southern Living, and billboards. The proposal offering the best exposure in target markets was by Texas Monthly, which includes:
o Two full page prints ads; one in the November 2015 issue and one in the December 2015 issue 
o Half page recipe feature 
o In book/ What’s New feature placement 

The motion to submit the proposal to Deepwater Horizon to use the $37,720 on the Texas Monthly buy was made by Mr. Edgar and seconded by Mr. Collette. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

8. Mrs. Profita then invited Assistant Director, Lisa Manda to present on the Grass roots campaign.

Ms. Manda reported that following the event with the occupational plant nurses, nearly 50 nurses from Louisiana businesses (Dow, Exxon, Shell, etc.) expressed an interest in having LSPMB attend their upcoming health fairs and educational programs across the state. We will educate them on the health benefits and preparation of Louisiana seafood. We will provide cooking demonstrations with a dietician from Pennington or a chef and provide recipes and samples. We will also provide a list of local retailers that carry Louisiana seafood. This will help to teach consumers how to cook healthy recipes using Louisiana seafood. The Shell plant in Geismar is the first confirmed event.

Ms. Manda also plans to visit retailers across the state and coordinate in store promotions sampling Louisiana seafood, inclusive of cooking demonstrations and holiday promotions. She asked for suggestions from board members regarding which retailers in their areas may be interested. This will create more markets for Louisiana seafood. 

The budget for health and wellness fairs and in store promotions includes statewide travel, cost of cooking demonstrations and seafood. Ms. Manda estimates the cost to be around $500/event, with a total of 10 health and wellness fairs and in store promotions. She requested approval for a budget of up to $10,000. 

The motion to spend up to $10,000 on the Grass roots campaign was made by Mr. Collette and seconded by Mr. Avery. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

ii. Plans and approvals
1. Mrs. Profita announced that we received Senate Resolution No. 214 by Senator Norbert Chabert requesting that the LSPMB assist the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the Louisiana Restaurant Association with the promotion of menu items that feature Louisiana seafood. Chef Sclafani will look into what the LRA would like from this opportunity.

2. Mrs. Profita asked for approval to sponsor Nola’s Backyard event, which will be held October 13-15 at Houmas House for $10,000. This is an invitation only event to national food buyers and executive chefs (including California Pizza Kitchen, Starwood Hotels, Disney Parks, Applebee’s), where attendees will learn about Louisiana cuisine. The event will feature Louisiana products, Louisiana seafood, and local food vendors including Tony’s Seafood and Riceland Crawfish. This is an incredible opportunity for exposure to national buyers. Board members will be invited to participate in the events. This is similar to ones held at CIA. The group will tour the state, and to date, 14 are confirmed to attend.

Discussion was held and Mr. Delaune asked that we ensure that we have good representation of Louisiana seafood at the event, provide information on the health benefits of eating Louisiana seafood, and if possible, provide information on harmful effects of imported seafood. He would like to have local restaurants involved, serving Louisiana seafood. Mr. Avery agreed and thinks it is a positive event and the attendees represent a lot of buying power, and it is important to build relationships with these types of buyers.

The motion to sponsor Nola’s Backyard event at $10,000 was made by Mr. Avery and seconded by Mr. Jurisic. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

3. Hoffman Media – Mrs. Profita asked Ms. Russo, of Trumpet, to give a presentation on the Hoffman Media proposal for $35,000 net, as part of the Regional work order with Trumpet. The proposal includes: website content; What’s in Season monthly e-newsletter; Sponsorship of the 14th Annual Chefs to Watch Awards dinner (LSPMB featured as presenting sponsor, logo featured in all promotions, receive 10 tickets to dinner, $10,000 value); Hoffman sponsorship and promotion of GASCO 2015; and branded ad campaign (print ads in Southern Lady, Taste of the South, Louisiana Cookin’ and Cooking with Paula Deen magazines). The adverting investment delivers a reach of over 8 million in total audience over the 12 month campaign. Trumpet and Hoffman would work together, and get approvals on all items from LSPMB staff and Lt. Governor’s Office before anything is published. If approved today, ads will start running in October. 

Mr. Delaune asked if the e-newsletter could be ready for September. Mr. Miller, of Hoffman Media, said yes, they can have it ready for September.

The motion to spend $35,000 on marketing with Hoffman Media was made by Mr. Delaune and seconded by Mr. Edgar. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

4. Mrs. Profita announced that Chefs Cody and Samantha Carroll are going to James Beard House later this year where seafood will be a prominent feature or their menu. They have asked for assistance with transportation and seafood, which we are evaluating.

The motion to accept the Executive Director’s Report was made by Mr. Jurisic and seconded by Mr. Collette. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

VI. Old Business
A. Festival Grant Update. Ms. Hess reported that the legal team has reviewed the documents and all changes have been made. It is now up to Mr. Randy Davis to decide the next steps.

B. Trumpet Update

Mr. Couvillon, with Trumpet, gave a presentation on the following:

i. Review of Marketing Budget for FY16. Trumpet’s budget is $1,750,000, and Mr. Couvillon gave a breakdown of work orders (support, programs and advertising investments).

The marketing strategy is to: reverse the broker model, skipping broker in order to avoid additional mark ups (this will allow suppliers to make more money and buyers will enjoy lower prices for Louisiana seafood). There is a defined target demographic audience and defined geographical target markets. We will continue to use the ecology/abundance/plenty to celebrate campaign approach and will incorporate a push for non-imported. Grocery, restaurant, and wholesalers will continue to be the focus 

Recent Developments: The first grocery co-marketing program will start with Hannaford; they have 180 grocery stores in New England. They increased their order value in order to reach $250,000, which qualified them to participate and receive $25,000 in co-marketing. It is a 6 month commitment. They have chosen to spend use the co-op for POS items and social media content and display. 

POS. An email was recently sent announcing the new POS site. Retailers and suppliers can go directly to the site and request items. 

Wholesaler program. Mr. Couvillon and Mrs. Profita met with shrimp processors to develop a campaign which they will share with the Marketing Committee. 

ii. Next Steps:
Regional (consumer) campaign
Buyer (Lead Gen) campaign
Wholesaler implementation
Restaurant co-marketing program development
Grocery co-marketing applications (accepting now)

Mr. Edgar stated he likes the program and that it will focus on one area at a time. He wanted to know how we will determine which region will be next for the grocery co-marketing program, and Mr. Couvillon responded that we will concentrate on acquisition markets.

Mr. Delaune asked how the $25,000 for the grocery co-marketing program will be spread over the purchase period. Mr. Couvillon said the funds will be staggered over 6 months, and we will not activate the entire amount right away. He stated that LSPMB is taking a slight risk, should the grocery want to drop out after initial commitment.

The motion to approve the Trumpet marketing budget for FY16 was made by Mr. Avery and seconded by Mr. Sclafani. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

C. Miles Media Update. Ms. Overby gave an update on performance in social media since the last meeting. 
i. Social media update - 80,300 likes on FB in FY15, which is a 105% growth since FY14. The page received 5.9M impressions over the year. In March of 2015, they launched a Facebook ad campaign to grow the page in Gulf South region in states including Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. The campaign results included: 

Reach: 596,950
Total actions: 57,630
Likes: 34,203
LSPMB Spent: $5,804

Twitter has added 2,600 new followers in FY15, growing to 10,398 followers, which represents organic growth of 35%. Pinterest has grown a following to 1,400 across 12 boards. 

ii. #GASCO15 social media takeover – Twitter had 1,146 tweets, 258 contributors, reached 701,000 people. Instagram had 278 posts, reached 72,000 people. We held a social media takeover competition for the GASCO Chefs which Oklahoma Chef Kurt Fleischfresser won.

iii. Next steps:
• Comprehensive audit analysis – will present to LSPMB staff
• Development of social media strategy
• Content & distribution plan and editorial calendar creation
• Community management
• Content creation for
• Continued Facebook media buys

iv. Mr. Zuppardo gave a snapshot on the GASCO website analytics:
1. New for this year, the site was accessible/viewable on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets
2. 4,800 sessions with 3,500 users
3. Included Instagram photos and twitter integration 

D. Ehrhardt. Marc Ehrhardt and Caitlin Switzer gave the following report:
i. Developed public relations outreach strategy for GASCO, and the goal was to maximize media coverage before, during and after GASCO. They did this by: Advance Outreach, At-Event Outreach, Post-Event Outreach and Utilization of Chefs and Official Spokespersons. GASCO total impressions were around 49M (of which 17M were in Louisiana), a $293,000 ad value. There were 72 stories that ran in 19 markets. 
ii. Next Steps. They will work to develop new stories and ideas to get more consistent stories, with more details to come in October.

VII. New Business
A. John Jackson, Out Da Bayou Presentation
Mr. Jackson presented information on his television program, Out Da Bayou. He is considering creating a seafood-focused documentary style series of 13 episodes that would run nationally on local cable channels. John E. Jackson of Launch Media, who would assist in the production/editing of the series, also spoke. Once produced, the primary sponsor would own the episodes, including content, pictures, videos and stories. The primary sponsor could sell advertising and sponsorships for the show in order to offset their expense and to help buy air time. Mr. Edgar asked what it would cost to own this series, and Mr. Jackson said it would take $500,000 to produce the show and get it aired on cable channels. Mr. Sunseri thanked Mr. Jackson for the presentation and noted that this is an interesting approach to show the seafood industry. Mr. Avery said it is the most unique idea he has seen. Mr. Sunseri then told Mr. Jackson this should go to LSPMB staff and then the Marketing Committee for consideration. 

B. Caroline Rosen, John Besh Foundation Presentation
Ms. Rosen handed out information on the John Besh Foundation’s Milk Money Initiative. This program provides financial support (by way of micro-loans) to local farmers and fishermen who want to increase their production to farmers markets, grocery stores or restaurant kitchens. This program assists farmers and fishermen with marketing and business strategies through Tulane University Freeman School of Business. As the farmers and fishermen increase their revenue, they will be able to repay their loan to the Foundation, ensuring the sustainability of the program. Mr. Sunseri, Mr. Edgar and Mr. Jurisic were interested in the program and asked how fishermen could apply to the program. Mr. Sunseri noted that this seems like a wonderful program. Ms. Rosen stated that they can contact her directly via email ( for more information. 

C. Captain George Ricks, Save Louisiana Coalition Presentation 
Captain Ricks gave a presentation on the harmful effects of creating diversions in waterways in Louisiana. Creating diversions has a negative impact on coastal restoration, local wildlife and seafood. Captain Ricks would like our assistance in helping stop the state from creating diversions. He proposed using a dredging method, which uses sediments found in waterways, as an alternative to creating diversions. Mr. Sunseri noted that we should discuss further at the next Legislative Committee meeting. Board could discuss creating a letter to send to educate our legislators on this negative effect. Mr. Edgar noted that federal law mandates that 1/3 of the water from Red River and Mississippi River must flow through the Atchafalaya. Mr. Jurisic invited Captain Ricks to attend the next Oyster Task Force meeting and make the same presentation. 

VIII. The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled on October 14, 2015.

IX. Adjourn. The motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Collette and seconded by Mr. Sclafani. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously. The meeting was adjourned by Mr. Sunseri.