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Great American Seafood Cook-off
Great American Seafood Cook-Off

Presentation Outline

Great American Seafood Cook Off Outline for Presentation


Intro: (Introduce your theme/title and dish being presented)

Seafood Information: (Must include the role of the seafood in the diet, importance of commodity to your respective state’s economy, or the United States economy, types and/or form available to consumers; nutritional value and food safety of handling seafood.  Also include any other commodities or specialty ingredients from your state used in the dish and highlight those commodities/ingredients)

How does your dish fit into a healthier diet?

Food Safety: (Food safety is an important consideration when handling seafood. Talk about the risks associated with preparation, cooking, serving and handling seafood and how to avoid the risk, also talk about basic food safety consumer information. Ex-importance of hand washing often during food preparation).

Preparation of dish:  (Tell the judges how you prepared the dish; why you chose to bake, not fry for example)

Summary/Closing (Re-emphasize the importance of the seafood to the diet of healthy Americans and your state or the United States economy, the nutritional facts of a serving, and ease of preparation)

References Used: (list the title/publisher of the references you used to help prepare outline)

Ask the Judges if they have any questions!!

Great American Seafood Cook Off Outline for Presentation