Louisiana Seafood Facts

Seafood from Louisiana tastes better because it is fresher. The shortest trip to your table means the freshest product. Here are some fresh facts about Louisiana seafood.



  • Louisiana leads the nation in crawfish production, more than 90% of the crawfish we eat come from here.


  • In a blind taste test, consumers chose Louisiana oysters over others sold in the US 85% of the time.
  • 70% of the Oysters caught in the US are from the Gulf Coast.


  • Each year Louisiana shrimpers catch 90 - 120 million pounds of both brown and white shrimp.
  • One years shrimp catch, strung end to end, would wrap around the Superdome 94,839 times.
  • 69% of the domestic, US shrimp are harvested from the Gulf waters.


  • Louisiana leads the nation in production of both hard and soft-shell crabs.
  • If you’ve eaten crab on the East Coast, chances are it’s from Louisiana. We are the top shipper of live #1 male crabs to the Atlantic coast market.