Economic Impact

The fisheries, wildlife and boating resources of Louisiana are an important part of the state economy. They provide jobs, income, tax revenue and innovations that protect our beautiful, clean waters. One out of every 70 jobs in Louisiana is seafood related with a total economic impact of over $2.4 billion dollars.

Many of these jobs are in family-owned and operated companies that have worked for generations to bring the finest seafood to the tables of the world. These jobs and natural resources are of great value to not only industry and local businesses, but to every resident and community in Louisiana.



  • The alligator industry in Louisiana employs half as many people as the New Orleans Police Department.
  • 313,000 alligators per year are harvested (wild and farmed) in Louisiana.
  • Louisiana state and local tax revenues generated by one year of alligator harvest activity could pay for the education of 740 school children.
  • Alligator harvest have a total economic impact of $104 million per year.


  • Louisiana has more than 1,000 crawfish famers and over 800 commercial fishermen who catch wild crawfish.
  • The 110 million pounds of crawfish harvested each year have an economic impact of $120 million dollars.


  • 70% of the Oysters caught in the US are from the Gulf Coast.
  • The total economic impact of the commercial oyster industry annually is $317 million dollars and 3,565 jobs.


  • These tiny, tasty creatures create 14,384 jobs and an economic
  • Impact of $1.3 billion dollars for Louisiana.


  • Crabs from Louisiana generated an economic impact of $293 million dollars and 3,289 jobs.