Seafood seasons


Farm-raised alligator meat is available all year round, prevalence depends largely on their size and market demand for their hides.  Farm-raised meat may be slightly more expensive since it is produced from younger, smaller animals.

Louisiana’s wild alligator season takes place in September.  Moderate amounts of fresh meat are available in months other than September from seafood dealers handling meat produced by alligator farms and from wild alligators harvested under the nuisance Alligator control program.


Available year round, the warmer months being more plentiful, the colder months being a little more scarce with March historically being the month crab is least available.


Live crawfish can be found from November to July, but are most prevalent during May through June.  Packaged tail meat can be found at retailers year-round.  Be certain to verify the country of origin labeling – some imported crawfish have high levels of antibiotic residues and other substances banned from use in the United States.  To be on the safe side always look for Louisiana crawfish.


All year.


Louisiana oysters are largest during the cooler months - the oyster builds up glycogen as an insulating blanket which yields a larger oyster. Oysters are available year round in Louisiana so you will never have to go without.  Visit our Seafood Finder to find suppliers, many have shipping options as well.


Because shrimp freeze extremely well, product is available year-round.
White shrimp are caught fresh April through December.
Brown shrimp are caught fresh April through February.

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