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    Featured News

G.U.L.F. Invites You to the Summer of Sustainability

April 21, 2016

Building on the great success of last year’s event, Great Chefs for G.U.L.F., Audubon Nature Institute’s sustainable seafood program Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries (G.U.L.F.) is celebrating the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico all summer.

Catch Crabs, Earn Cash Reward

April 20, 2016

Crabbing in Louisiana's waters will not only provide you and your friends with a tasty meal, it could also put a little cash in your wallet. Nicholls State University is on a quest to learn more about the health and habits of the state's blue-crab population, and will be rewarding recreational and commercial crabbers who help in that endeavor.

FDA Issues Import Alert on Peninsular Malaysian Shrimp

April 18, 2016

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued Import Alert 16-136, “Detention without Physical Examination of Aquacultured Shrimp and Prawns from Peninsular Malaysia Due to Presence of Drug Residues from Unapproved Animal Drugs or the Presence of Unsafe Food Additives.” Import Alert 16-136 follows a massive increase in the number of shrimp entry lines refused by the FDA for reasons related to veterinary drug residues beginning in 2014.